Where do I start, this gym is what I think about when I think of the perfect gym. From the moment you enter into the gym you get this amazing energy. You never feel like the newbie. The knowledge that you get from the trainers and the nutritionist is second to none. You always feel safe. They are all eager to help and will  take time with you. Also they understand what you are striving for and they WILL get you there and further, while having fun.

Fun is key in this gym. While we all work out really hard there they make sure they bring fun into our workouts and that we always feel challenged all the time. I love the 6 week challenges they organise as they help you refocus and brings people together.

Since I started I have got leaner and stronger and I can now do unassisted chin ups, pull ups and a 90 kg deadlift. I have also learnt to have a better relationship with food and not feel guilty on the not so good days. It is all about flexible dieting.

The classes are intense for every level athlete, and you will love the diverse workout combinations from weight lifting, TRX, RT24, circuits, boxercise,  pilates… The classes are well spread out throughout the day so there is always a good time slot that will fit your routine. The classes are booked in advance via an app. It is a very easy system and it makes sure that the classes are not crowded as this gym is semi private training. Small numbers in the classes means that the instructors make sure your form is fine and that nobody is left behind if they are struggling.

The gym has a private FB page where we all share experiences, pains, challenges, successes and falls. The support you get from the community is unreal and you never feel alone if you are have a low moment.

If you are looking for a gym where you get challenged,  learn about nutrition, and most importantly have fun , Body by G is your your gym .  I would recommend anybody to try out one session to see what I am talking about.

I wanted to put in writing the difference that Body By G has made to my life, and in reality, not only my life but my partner and 2 children.
I started in Body By G 4 stone over weight after I had fallen and injured my knee and a combination of being deeply unhappy and no  exercise resulted in me being so deep in a hole – I couldn’t see a way out.
The first thing that I noticed was the warm welcome that both of you gave to me, followed by meeting the trainers who were so supportive. I didn’t know what any of the equipment was and didn’t know what any of the exercises were on the board but they showed me and made me feel like I was doing it right.
All of the other people in the classes were really welcoming and pushed me on and a combination of you two, the trainers Fiona, Vanessa and Sinead and the people I trained with resulted in me losing over 20lbs, 6.3% body fat and 15 inches and gaining not only new friends but a Smile.
I am still on my weight loss journey but unlike all the other times that I have tried to lose weight, this time, I have the support, knowledge and strength to do it properly.
Thank you Body By G

This morning I parked my car in work and as I was making my way through the car park a lady in our building stopped me and told me how well I looked and that I had lost so much weight. She totally took me surprise but I was thrilled. She said Whatever I was doing, to keep doing it.

9 weeks ago I was in the depths of despair. I put on so much weight and really didn’t know what to do. I had hit rock bottom.  Having seen the ads on Facebook about the gym I sent Gary a tExt on a Friday night (not expecting to hear back from him for a few days), He replied within half an hour and booked me in for a consultation on the Sunday morning. I started the 6 week challenge the following week.

I was assigned a coach, Vanessa, who will never know how much she helped me. She tExt me and left lovely encouraging voice messages for me all through my challenge.

Vanessa, Fiona and Sinead have been amazing during the classes. They always bring enthusiasm, encouragement and a bit of craic to each class.

Every morning I got an email from Tanika with her words of wisdom, her tips, encouragement, advice and information on how I might be feeling and reminding me to drink water etc. These emails were exactly what I needed to spur me on. You are never left feeling like you’re doing this on your own. The coaches are only a tExt away.

I’m not the type of person who will go to a gym and walk on a treadmill or ride an exercise bike and do a few weights. But Body By G is different. It’s all about the classes and the personal approach. It’s like having your own personal trainer with you for every class.

I love Boxercise and Met Con, and have recently started doing Pilates. My fitness levels have massively increased and I feel so much better in myself.

I lost just over a stone during the 6 weeks and clothes I was going to throw out, now fit me. I am staying on at the gym and preparing for the next programme. I still have a lot more clothes I want to fit in to.

Thank u all for giving me my life back. I was embarrassed going anywhere. My clothes didn’t fit me and I didn’t want to see anyone. I would make up excuses to avoid going on nights out or meeting friends. Everything has changed.


Over the years I have tried Weight Watchers, UniSlim, Slimming World, Motivation many times and nothing seemed to be working. I tried every diet going from cabbage soup to juice diets – I would lose half a stone in a week and have it back on as soon as I returned to ‘normal’ eating. I didn’t overeat a lot – but Christmas would result in 4 or 5lbs weight gain and then Easter with being off with the kids, another 2-3lbs and then summer holidays – it eventually added up to a stone and a half that I just could not lose. I was in a constant cycle of being so ‘good’ Monday to Thursday and losing 3-4lbs  then eating ‘normal’ with my family on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the 3-4lbs I had lost on Thursday would be back on by Monday.

I thought I knew it all but could not understand why I couldn’t lose weight. I felt that I was a well-educated person and I had attended enough weight loss groups to be able to recite the points, syns and calories in EVERYTHING.

I then joined Body By G and the cycle stopped through the support of the trainers Gary, Vanessa, Fiona and Sinead and also Tanika who provided nutritional and psychological support. The classes are tough but they are tailored for each individual and there is so much support from both the trainers and the other gym participants that it is actually enjoyable. My goals were not overly ambitious – lose weight, feel better about myself and be able to wear a strappy top in the summer. I toned up very quickly and lost a lot of inches, I lost 10kg, I can wear clothes that I like –and not choose them just because they cover my arms! –  and my mood has improved substantially.

I realise now there was a lot that I didn’t know, and this year, after the Christmas holidays – there were no ‘new years resolutions’, it was just back to the routine of going to the gym and within 2-3 weeks, the few lbs that I had put on – were gone as I was not in that old cycle of deprivation and self-loathing.

I would highly recommend Body By G and would urge you to sign up today – I promise you will also enjoy it!


As a woman in my late 50’s, who’s exercise regime consisted of mainly of walking, I was quite hesitant and felt I might be too old to join a gym and take on weight training. Joining Body by G has been the best decision. I am both physically and mentally so much stronger. Body by G is much more than just a gym, they support both your physical and nutritional goals and the results are incredible.

Gary and Tanika, your gym is by far one of the best I have ever attended. Your personal touches and attention make all the difference. Thank you so much.


I started training with Body By G in May and I remember being so nervous. Before starting I had lost so much confidence in myself because of the fact nothing could fit me. I’ve tried so many other classes before and never stuck to it and honestly thought I would drop out of this too after the 28 day challenge but I was wrong. Gary and Tanika have been amazing and the atmosphere is brilliant, everyone is so lovely it’s like we are just a big family. After my first couple of months I couldn’t believe the huge change in how I looked! I worked hard and stuck to Tanika’s food plans as much as possible, I was so happy to be able to fit comfortably in my size 10 clothes again and I have gained my confidence back. Here was me thinking at first it’ll just be like any other gym and I’ll give up, I was completely wrong as here I am now 6 months later still loving and going 4-5 times a week! Take a lots for me to miss a class now, it’s now just part of my daily routine and I wish I started long ago.


I always had an irrational fear of the gym and exercise was NEVER something I enjoyed. But at 28 and about 2 stone heavier than my normal weight I decided there was nothing else for it but to bite the bullet and face my fear! Body By G appealed to me right from the start because it was a much more personal experience. Smaller class sizes means you get help and advice in every session and everybody is so friendly! With Gary to encourage me in the gym and Tanika to guide me with nutrition I felt comfortable and positive from the start. Body By G offers support and guidance every step of the way and has really changed my life for the better, I’m in the gym nearly every day now and feel better than ever!! I couldn’t recommend Body By G highly enough, and a huge thank you to Gary and Tanika for all their support!!


It’s the best gym I have ever been to, and I always say it to everyone around. The best trainer and nutritionist, strong spirit, lovely people, motivation. Gary and Tanika never let anyone down and now we’ve even got Vanessa another great little person with a strong spirit added up to our family. I wake up every morning happy to come to the gym even on my bad days and it always brings a smile to my face and a positive mind, I love every moment of it. What a journey. Thanks Tan and Gary and Vanessa.


I initially joined the gym to tone up a little for my holidays but once I started the 4wk challenge I realised there was so much more to gain from joining this gym. With Tanika’s help I have learned how I can incorporate healthy eating into my lifestyle rather than simply following a generic food plan which has never worked for me! Tanika is always giving us new ideas and ways to keep healthy eating interesting. Thanks to Gary and Vanessa and their fantastic classes I have been able to tone up, improve my body confidence, build strength, but more importantly improve my fitness and my health has reaped the benefits, my asthma is under control and I rarely get sick anymore! Before I tended to leave gyms after a month or so but 8 months on Body By G is a massive part of my life that I continue to really enjoy thanks to the amazing team and members.


Before I joined the gym I was very overweight and not happy at all. I hated when I had to buy clothes because nothing would fit right. Since joining last January I have never looked back. I’ve lost weight, got stronger and I’m eating healthier. Gary is brilliant in the gym, pushing you in every session and Tanika puts her heart and soul into helping you with the nutrition which is fantastic. Being part of the gym is like having a second family and I wouldn’t swap it for anything!


A friend suggested one day about joining Body By G and doing a 28 day Transformation Challenge. I thought 28 days is not too long so decided to give it a go. Probably the best thing I have ever done, Gary & Tanika have changed my life totally. Nearly 2 stone gone fitter, slimmer, more energy, a new me, it’s a great feeling. Will be doing it a lot longer than 28 days, I love it.


Having promised myself for years I was going to start looking after myself and get fit, this year was my year. Thankfully I found Body By G. In the past I’ve joined many gyms and have NEVER kept going past a month or two, a total waste of money. Body By G is the only gym where I have loved going and have genuinely seen the best results I’ve ever had, even at the ripe old age of 45! Body By G is great for the body and for the mind. Gary and Tanika teach you a new way of life and its amazing the effect the right and wrong foods have on your body and mind. I now know what to eat to get through the day with energy and happiness. The best thing is that I’ve made friends too. Body By G will help you change your life for the better.


I joined after the birth of my third child, I had put on a lot of weight. Gary and Tanika were both so friendly and the small class sizes meant it was really personalised. They some how manage to make working out fun.


I was really intimidated by gyms until I discovered Body By G, which is run with a wealth of training experience, a great knowledge of nutritional programmes and a passion to help people reach their goals through personal and online support. Can’t recommend highly enough..